Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mystery in the Woods

We are back from our first retreat in the woods. One of the most important activities in my life is time spent with other women. I have reached a point where I need to share, laugh, cry, complain, listen, and help my friends, customers, aquaintences and more. Our weekend was full of those activities as well as a lot of sewing, prizes, unsewing, laughter, late night chats at the fire, massages, pedicures, and more. A lot of new friendships were formed, that alone says our weekend was successful. What a great bunch of ladies! Ever heard of retractable tape measure races? Well we had one and Beverly McLellan was crowned the winner, winning a jelly roll. Congrats to Beverly!
The guests arriving and setting up!
It was so nice for everyone having Mark there. It was like having our own handy man! Beth made excellent progress on her quilt top!
The Tape Measure Races!
Our four finalists!

Our next retreat is already in the planning stages. We hope to see you here!
The pedicures were very enjoyable!

The quilt we made on the weekend is here for you to see. Enjoy!
The Whole Gang!

Hugs, Marsha