Friday, November 30, 2012

Deck the Halls!

Happy Holidays to you all,

I absolutely love Christmas decorations. I mean I love love love
Christmas time. Every year I tell Mark "don't let me buy anymore decorations!" So now I have enough to do the store and our home. Crazy, right?

I woke up Monday with a nasty cold, enough to put me in bed. Now I have to tell you I don't have time to be sick! Who does, it's the holiday season. I used this down time to get our home ready for Christmas, in between all my naps. I thought I would share some pictures of our decorations. But first I would like to invite you to an Open House at Morning Star quilts. On Tuesday December 11 from 4 - 7 pm we will be serving snacks, wine, nonalcoholic beverages, presents, surprises and more. We would love to see you all. The store will be closed on December 11 until 4 pm so we can prepare for you. So come on by for some holiday cheer and live music, just our way of saying Thank You to the best customers ever.

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pioneer Quilt Guild

Mark and I are on the road again this weekend. We are at the Pioneer Quilt Guild quilt show, the quilts are beautiful! Good job ladies. If you ever have a chance to make this show you'll have a great time.

We've been on the road a lot since August, throw in two shop hops, a couple mysteries at the shop, educational quilting week in Portland, and 5 vendor gigs and now we are TIRED. No more shows till March.

Mark and Kelly (son and his wife) from Tempe are flying home for Thanksgiving. Of course we love having them, hello we sent the tickets. lol This was our year to go to Tempe but I can't leave my parents alone on a holiday, so bring the kids to us. It will be a real joy to have both kids, grand kids, Mom and Dad, and hopefully my brother and his family for a great feast of food and thankfulness.

Pictures of Pioneer Quilt Show

Quilts from the show

Our booth.


Monday, November 5, 2012

We have a guest blogger today! My mom doesn't generally let me write our blogs, but I thought it would be fun to share with you what part of our staff did this weekend.

I heard about a 5k marathon in Chico and if you know me I am not one for exercise but I have been doing a lot of walking. So when I started reading about this 5k I knew we could do it. Ronda, Laurie, my dad, myself, and three of my closest friends all participated in the Gnarly Neon 5k, where it doesn't matter who crosses the finish line first. You can hop, skip, jump, run, or walk your way through Bidwell Park.

We started the race in our white clothes and began our walk. Well some of us are very competitive and some aren't! So my Dad, Laurie, Ronda, and Shyanne had a battle amongst themselves for who could get there the fastest, and the rest of us took our time and enjoyed the park. Just so the girls (Laurie and Ronda) know, my dad was the fastest. Our whole group actually crossed the finish line together. The fun part of the race was as we were walking we went through color stations where we were hit with neon colored chalk. We came out of the race as human Easter eggs!

The race was a lot of fun. We are already planning what we will do next year. The Gnarly Neon proceeds benefit The Little Red Hen in Chico. The Little Red Hen is a great charity for children and adults with developmental disabilities. It's a great charity and a great day! Can't wait till next year.

Here's some before and after pictures,

So long for now,

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