Sunday, October 28, 2012

Legacy of Linen

Cindy was featured during the quilt show. Her work is incredible. The quilting she does brings linens back to life and it enhances the beauty of the vintage cloth.
Cindy has really worked hard to bring old linens to life with her amazing quilting.
she would love to ensnare you into a quilting life of linens.

If you ever have a chance to take a class from Cindy you won't be sorry. She is an excellent teacher, patient and kind, and she will turn you into a phenomenal quilter.

Here's some more photos of other quilts.

Hope you enjoyed those. We have one more show to do before Thanksgiving and then I think life might settle down. Have a Great week,


Location:Portland Oregon

Saturday, October 20, 2012

MQX West

So here we are in Portland, Oregon. I have had a very educational week. Amazing! My goal was to at least learn one technique from each class. Well I must say the teachers were great and I learned a lot. By the way I should have explained Mark and I are at the West Coast Machine Quilters Expo. An added plus, we're staying with Mark's brother Kevin and his family. My sister-in-law is a long arm quilter so we took some classes together - such fun! Her knowledge of digitizing patterns on the computer is amazing. I wish we lived closer together so I could suck her brain dry. The whole computer thing is hard for me but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I took classes from Jamie Wallen, Judy Woodworth, Angela Walters, Dawn Cavanaugh, and Linda Matteotti. Jamie Wallen is an amazing teacher, I can hardly wait to get home and try out some of his designs. Angela Walters taught designs for Modern Quilts - great ideas. If you ever have a chance to take a class from Angela do it. She's very talented, a great quilter, funny, charming and a cutie pie. Her new book will be released soon. Dawn Cavanaugh taught us a zillion different funky feathers. Who doesn't love feathers? Linda Matteotti is an educator for HandiQuilter. So as a proud owner of a Fusion HandiQuilter with a Prostitcher computer, I took 3 classes from her. I learned a lot but I was confused a lot, it's the whole computer thing. It takes a while for computer skills to sink into my head.

I know you want to see some pictures of gorgeous quilts , so here you go!

Best of Show

Quilting close up of previous photo.

Amazing, right?

More later,

Location:Portland, Oregon

Sunday, October 14, 2012


The beginning of our last day and let me tell you my bones are hurting. This has been such a great experience. We are already planning next year. It has been such a joy to meet so many kind and talented people. I was really surprised how many people we're here from our neck of the woods. So nice to see a familiar face walking down the aisle

Mosaic Play, all hand pieced! Crazy right?

Phenomenal Quilting!

More later,

Location:Santa Clara

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Yesterday was great, I think they like us. So many people so much talent and so many new friends. Here's pictures from day one.

So we just finished day two. We are all tired but having a blast. This is definitely a must do, a great show!

Good night and more tomorrow!

Location:Pacific International Quilt Festival

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pacific International Quilt show

The quilts are done and hung . All samples are out, surrounded by
great kits, cut yardage, wool and wool kits,embroidery kits and towels, batiks ,solids, aboriginal fabric, pumpkins and much much more. Here's some pics for you to check out.

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Come see us, booth 1133!
More tomorrow.

Location:Santa Clara, Ca.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Weaverville with Linda Ballard

One of the real treats of owning Morning Star Quilts is the privilege of working with Linda Ballard. If you've never taken a quilting class from Linda you really must put that on your bucket list. I've known Linda for almost 20 years and I still learn so much from her. No matter how long you've been quilting this Wonder Woman will teach you something new! Sooooo this is how I work with Linda. We have the honor of hosting Mystery Weekends at Morning Star and we set up a mini store at some of her Weaverville Mysteries. It is so fun to be with her and her quilting groupies. Go Linda!

This weekend Rocki and Ronda ( the spectacular super sisters ) are in Weaverville with Linda. Here's a few photos of our mini store.

Have a great weekend!