Friday, March 29, 2013


So we all know I'm a horrible blogger, but it is high time to move from a January post to almost April. Morning Star Quilts AKA The Happy Place has been one busy spot so far in the year 2013. And I happily say "thank you Lord" for watching over us.

Mark and I were recently fortunate enough to take a quick trip to Tempe Arizona to visit our son and daughter-in-law (or daughter-in-love). We enjoyed a couple of spring training games (go GIANTS), had some great meals, saw some family, and most of all talked incessantly with our kiddos. So of course since we've been home I miss them horribly and so wish they lived back here in Paradise. They are so fun to be with and such kind people. Maybe the state will some day get back on the right road regarding education and they will be able to come home!

The reason I started rambling about our trip is, as we were traveling I was overwhelmed by the displays of color so I stared taking some pictures of these colorful displays. Textile artists are so fortunate to be surrounded by color but look at these retail pictures. Very inspiring for me.

So you put all this color on a piece of fabric and you create. Have fun quilting on all the bright wonderful fabrics that are designed just for us!