Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunshine and Smiles

To Market To Market To Market I go. I have been reading all the blogs and I am so ready to see everyones new fabric and patterns. This year will be especially fun going with my husband and my daughter. What a hoot! I was just whining about getting everything caught up so I could go and then I was thinking about what all the vendors must be doing right now. Finishing quilts, printing patterns, stuffing patterns, shipping, packing, stressing.....My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Pictures of our newest fabric lines!

I have been busy finishing up some big projects. The quilt I made for our June Retreat is done and really awesome. I wish I could show you a picture, but it is a surprise. I did custom quilting using my long-arm and it was such fun. I will show you a picture of two applique projects that I have been working on. I'm going to start quilting the green and gold one tonight. The Basket is only the center of a quilt, much more to go on that one.

Our block of the month which will start in the fall is now under way. We are using batiks and they are beautiful. We are taking signups now. We will be starting in October. I hope to have my sample done by the end of June. The fabric will be arriving in August and we will make the kits. There is no charge for our block of the month but you must purchase your fabric and pattern. We will be offering a discount to those who pick up their fabric first! I will post pictures as the quilt progresses.

I found another happy place to visit. Mark and I have a date most Friday mornings. We go to a bakery in Chico for a most yummy cinnamon roll ( no calories of course), then off to The Plant Barn for a plant buying frenzy. I absolutely love this nursery! They are located on Entler Avenue. Most of my allowance ends up there. You really must visit this happy place. This is the first time I have worked in my garden since we opened the store. I didn't realize how much I miss getting my fingers dirty. It is so fun to create a place full of flowers and plants. I even bought a cute rooster to nestle in the plants.

All the best to you,

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.
Mother Teresa


  1. Oh, I've never been to the Plant Barn. I'll have to check it out.
    The quilts and colors look great!

  2. Have a great time and market and please give Monica (Lecien) a hug from me when you see her...she is so excited about her first line of fabric Holiday Happy, she'll be the one walking on air! Have a blast I wish I was hiding in your suitcase! And the Plant Barn? Oh yeah....what a delight. Love the people there too...the whole experience is just wonderful...kinda like Morning Star! Love to all of you, Pam