Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun, Full, and Fabulous!

We have had the best time on this Island. It is so different from the Big Island. We love both places but Kauai has really touched me. This was a hard summer for us at the store. Mark and I and all the girls really put out a lot of quilts and new wool projects to liven up the store and to take to Long Beach. We have also received some bad news about Mark's health. The ocean has always been a place where my soul feels restored. A lot of time spent praying and resting and enjoying the underwater creation. We went to a slack key guitar show one afternoon. When the musician started playing Amazing Grace some tears came to my eyes and I knew without a doubt the Lord would hold my hand through this new journey. I called a very sweet friend who knows me well after the concert and told her I was having a hard time, she instantly prayed with me and continued to pray for us. Each new day here has been full of wonderful surprises and a much more confident feeling has grabbed my heart. Thank you my friend for your love and prayers

So yesterday, Saturday we hiked down a very, very steep cliff and discovered Hideaway Beach. (I was scared to death on the trail) Once we were down the most beautiful beach appeared for us to enjoy. Oh by the way they didn't have to pick me up by helicopter, I was able to pull myself up that cliff! In the afternoon we went to a Botanical Garden in Haena.

Here's some photos of our day.

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The next pics are from the botanical gardens.

Friends are definitely the best part of our trip. We are very blessed to be sharing this time with Gary and Cinde who always make us smile and enjoy all the sights to see. Their friendship is living the Hawaiian Aloha!

Love and Aloha

Location:Hideaways Beach

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  1. Love that you had a wonderful time! You all look great and Kauai seems incredible! It will be good to see you! xo Pam