Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Up, Up and Away

I sure wish there was a magical equation for the 36 hour day. It doesn't matter how organized I am I never get enough done. Samples, class quilts, quilts I just want to make or quilt, cleaning, groceries, cooking, socializing, church, reading, gardening, posting on my blog - how do you possibly get it all done? Time is either your friend or your enemy. I have decided time is my friend and I can only do so much. I miss spending time with family and friends, so my quilting might take a little longer than usual but my life will be more enriched with friends and family.

We just got back from a great weekend with my parents and Mark's parents. Mark's Dad was celebrating his 88th birthday. A lot of their friends from our childhood days were there to help them celebrate. It was great to catch up with them and hear about our childhood friends. Mark and I are so blessed to still have them with us. Our families attended the same church when we were growing up. Our childhood memories have enriched and blessed our marriage. Thank you Mom's and Dad's!

Just a quick note - I want you to meet my dog. Here's Ziggy!

Ronda, Jen and I are leaving for Salt Lake City tomorrow to take a longarm class at Handi-Quilter. Hopefully we will come home as experienced custom quilters.

Last week we rearranged our batik room and the children's corner. We are also starting a wool section with antique buttons and patterns. I'd like to spend some time when we go to Market to research wool, because I really don't know squat.

Well time to go home, pack, and organize food for Mark. He will be busy taking care of Tyler, Bryant, Bella and of course helping the girls at the shop.

More to you from Salt Lake!



  1. Great pics. I glad to hear about the wool. I am going to have to come check it out.
    Lucky Mark, this new job might be harder than being a fire chief.

  2. Those girls are going to have sew much fun, I took classes there last year. Handi-Quilter was so accomodating.

  3. Heard you had a blast...woohoo! I love this photo of you gals! p.s. Had a fun class yesterday making liberated baskets...it is great to see how individual everyone's turned out. And by the way, I think the store looks so fresh and inspiring with the changes. You are good!