Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hooray for HandiQuilter

We are in the Shuttle and on our way!

Marsha and Jen getting a massage while we wait for our plane!
Arriving at Handi Quilter!
One of the views from Handi Quilter!

We are taking a breather in the lobby at Handi Quilter!

Well it is Thursday and I had all intentions of writing this post on Monday. Jen, Ronda and I were extremely fortunate to spend last week in Salt Lake City at HandiQuilter. We took the beginning quilting class for the Fusion. What a fabulous company! Talk about customer service, they really wanted our experience to be as educational as possible, friendly, and of course fattening. Our accommodations were great and the food was fabulous. There were times during the week that I wanted to say "stop my brain is full." Now for the really fun part - putting it all to good use. Jen has already quilted a quilt using one of the techniques we learned. My week-end will be spent (hopefully) quilting up three tops that need to be done.

The Classroom/Studio!

There were 15 ladies in our group and four teachers. Really a great ratio. All of the women were so nice and fun. We all decided to take the intermediate class together next Jan. The ladies came from all over the United States. What a Hoot! If you ever need help running a successful company call HandiQuilter they are tops!

It's Snowing!
The Whole Gang!

Since we first opened Morning Star Quilts customer service and kindness has always been a high priority for me. I guess this has just been one of those weeks when I feel like I can't make anyone happy. I have a tendency to be too generous and sometimes it backfires and I end up either getting mad or getting my feelings hurt. Just another way of knowing that none of us are perfect. I've always tried to look at the positive and not the negative. Sure makes life easier. Take one day at a time, do your best, smile and try to make someone's day better. So it's time to forgive and move on. Tomorrow is a new day and a fun one at that.

Friday is the day that I like to teach classes. Tomorrow I will be teaching a class where the ladies will learn how to use texture magic, make the 7 minute circle, and use Elisa's Back Porch templates to create a great quilt. Fun Fun Fun!

Have a great weekend! Be kind to all and love the unlovable.

Forgiveness is the healing of wounds caused by another. You choose to let go of a past and no longer be hurt by it. Forgiveness is a strong move to make, like turning your shoulders sideways to walk quickly on a crowded sidewalk. It's your move.
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  1. I've always been nothing but Happy with your customer service. Chin up, we all love you, ignore those meanies.

  2. love your store. love your blog. see you Sat morning. janie

  3. I knew you'd have a great time, they are the best with customer service! And so are you, I get greeted every time I walk through the door, makes me want to spend money. In fact, at any store that I am not greeted, I don't buy anything, yesterday on Coronado Island, they were the worst. I took my money home to Paradise!

  4. Your trip looks like it was fun. And, as others stated, your store is always a friendly, inviting place to be. . .so smile! Speaking of friendly and inviting. . .I need to come visit!

  5. I enjoyed looking at your blog and I have one of the first Handi-Quilter frames that they made and of course it is an antique compared to what they are now. I still use it and just did a large t-shirt quilt on it this week. I believe I purchased it in 2001.