Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I Miss The Most

Vacation is always a time of reflection and appreciation for me. Because so much of our time while away is spent underwater I have a lot of time to think and less time to talk. Imagine that, less time to talk, so I talk to myself underwater. Today I was thinking what a blessed life we have been given. I have a husband who I adore and who has taken such good care of me for 37 years. Tomorrow April 7th is our 37th anniversary. Mark has been my best friend for so many years and knows me better than anyone. He has always supported any endeavor and dream I have pursued. He also knows my weaknesses and tries to help keep me in line. What a tough job that is, and definitely not an easy one! I'm always so thankful that Mark's parents raised such an awesome man. My advice for marriage - put your spouse first, love unselfishly, spend time alone, take care of each other and love the bad as well as the good.
We have been gone from home for 10 days and have 5 more days of vacation left. While we enjoy and relish our vacation time we (I) start to miss home. I get especially homesick. So here are the top ten things I miss the most from home:


Ziggy (lets be truthful)

Friends (the She's)

More friends

Our bed (my back is killing me)

My cheese grater

Fitted sheets (I sleep like a cat in a burlap sack)

Ronda Brown's Birthday ( she's 49 tomorrow)

Coffee ice cream (for that matter any ice cream)

Fabric (to fondle, feel, and drool over)

Take care I can't wait to see you all!


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  1. Isn't it good to realize all these blessings! Miss you too and want a Marsha hi and hug very soon! love Pam a "She" and proud of it!