Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here, There, and Everywhere

It's so reassuring to read other blogs that say "I haven't blogged forever." It makes me feel a little more normal. Who would have thought owning a quilt shop would take so much time! I mean it's May what happened to the last three months? So just a quick summary and some pictures to share.

February found me in Bodega Bay with friends for 5 days of sewing, rest, girl-talk, massage, wine tasting, and much laughter.

March was an absolute whirlwind. We started with a retreat at the store, followed by a quick drive to Phoenix for a family wedding, home two days and off to Sacramento for a Rusty Barn vendor gig for four days. March 30 my Mom had a stroke, fortunately it was a small stroke. She is doing really good, just a little right-sided weakness and lots of therapy sessions. She's been home almost two weeks, and getting stronger everyday.

The family out for breakfast at The Farm in Phoenix

Mark and Kelly

Jen and Brian

April was also a busy month. We went to the Auburn quilt show to vendor. Their show is always great. Home two days and the North State Quilts Rush started. Very fun and hectic. Quilters are just the best.

Just a few quilts from the Auburn Quilt Show

Our booth

Last weekend the store (Ronda) was the vendor for a Linda Ballard retreat in Weaverville. Outstanding weekend. Always a hoot to be with Linda.

Weaverville booth

We leave for quilt Market in 10 days. I love, love, love market. It's so exciting, a great creative rush and so much to learn. It's all about bringing home new products and ideas to share with you.

Goodbye for now!

Morning Star Quilts


  1. lovely photos ~ thanks for sharing :D

  2. Good to hear from you and that Mom is doing really good. Looking forward to seeing what's new :0) Jo